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IDMC Conference 2019 - Rethinking Discipleship

IDMC Conference 2019 - Rethinking Discipleship

What is the greatest crisis of discipleship in the life of the Church today? Is it the crisis of spiritual consumerism, carnality, prayerlessness, leadership or all of the above? Rev Edmund Chan suggests that the greatest crisis is that we cannot see the crisis! We cannot define the very terms of discipleship Jesus has given us: “If any man come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23). 

We have to radically recapture discipleship into the life of the Church today. We have to rethink discipleship. To do so, we have to rethink the myths about discipleship: “Discipleship is important, but it doesn’t work.” “It works for other churches, but it doesn’t work for my church.” “We are too busy; discipleship is not the thing for us.” “Discipleship is too demanding.” 

If you are trying to understand why it doesn't work, learn the fundamental principles by which the lordship of Jesus and the dynamic Kingdom life of discipleship can be realised in your life and in your church. There’s a truth, a fundamental call, a spiritual dynamic that will change your life and your church! Find out at IDMC 2019: Rethinking Discipleship.

2019-09-05 to 2019-09-07
Men Conference 2019

Men's Conference 2019 - Like Father Like Son?

Men's Ministry Network is organising a Men's Outreach Conference in partnership with CRU Singapore, hosted by Covenant EFC. 

As this is the year of proclamation, we invite all men to take this opportunity to invite your male friends and family who have come to know Christ, to this men’s only conference – here, we will explore our relationship with our earthly fathers, a key relationship in our lives and discover how we can relate rightly with our fathers that we might become the men we were meant to be. 

The speaker is Josh McDowell – a man who had to walk this pivotal journey in his life and he will be sharing on how key decisions he had to make regarding his father has contributed to who he is today

Josh is a well sought after speaker who has spoken to over 25 million people in 125 countries, an acclaimed author of over 150 books and a founder of a humanitarian organization who has delivered USD46 million of aid to various countries of the former Soviet Union.

Save a life !  Invite your pre-believing male family and friends that they might experience who a man can become when he experiences the transforming power of knowing Jesus Christ

This men’s only conference tickets are priced at S$10 each (min purchase 2 tickets and up to a maximum of 5 tickets per purchaser)

2019-03-10 to 2019-03-10